The Dream Team

The Dream Team

Working with Hayley Kerstein and Eddie O’Sullivan was the highlight of my home buying experience. They are a wonderful, professional, hard working team that made my home buying experience a delight.

I was purchasing my first home and I wanted to lay out every detail before I committed to anything.  They put me in contact with a wide range of professionals in the Bay area that addressed my questions with a level of professionalism I was blown away by. From financing to dealing with TIC’s, by the time I was ready to look at homes I felt completely comfortable.

I spent most of my time with Hayley who was the marathon runner that brought everything together. She drove my family around San Francisco, walked us through all the open houses and made sure that everything was going perfectly at all times. Most incredibly was when it was time to make an offer on a property. The whole team came together into one well-oiled machine. Hayley scrubbed through hundreds of pages of legal documents ensuring that everything was in the order, staying in our hotel room until the deal was done. Eddie came in with his expertise to make sure I got the home I wanted for not a dollar more than I had to. When I got a call from the team at 11pm in St. Patrick’s Day to tell me that they had accepted our offer I knew I had found the dream team.

Every time I met the seller’s real estate agents throughout the process it was obvious how out classed they were. I continue to lean on this team to this day with any of the little issues that come up while settling into a new home.

I can’t give this team high enough praise. If it would help to speak to me or my family about my experience with the Eddie O’Sullivan group please reach out to Eddie and I would be more than happy to tell you first-hand about my experience. Thank you Eddie and Hayley! I will send anyone looking to move to the Bay area your way.


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